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Why the Dad to be needs Online Childbirth Classes

Childbirth Classes helping the Dad to be

Sally and I are doulas (specially trained birth support people) who have attended many births.  We would often spend a lot of time with mums during pregnancy, answering their questions, providing information, teaching pain coping techniques.  Then would come birth day and one look at the dad to be would tell us that there were a whole lot of questions he didn’t ask in those antenatal visits – and information that would have been great for him to know before the big day – and it was too late to try and explain it all to him while his partner was in labour and needing his attention.

Dads can be fantastic during childbirth.  After all, they know their partner like no-one else and their partner loves them.  Love is the key word!  Oxytocin is commonly known as the “hormone of love” – oxytocin is produced during love making and it also causes contractions.  Ah no wonder sex is so well known for getting labour going!

Men, when taught the secrets of good birth support, can be fantastic birth partners.

All too often, men are not catered for in traditional childbirth classes – the classes are designed around women and what will be happening to them during labour.  But what about what is going on with the dads at birth?  What about how men’s fears can impact their birthing partners?  What about teaching men what good birth support is all about?

And so DadSkills was born (pardon the pun!).  An engaging way dads to be to learn how to look after themselves during birth, how to give great birth support and go into fatherhood confident.  With dads often working away, couples working long hours, life just being generally busy, what better way to access this knowledge than online – anytime, anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection!


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