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World Doula Week – March 22-28 – Dads and Doulas

Yesterday I received an email from a pregnant woman enquiring about my services as a birth doula.  A significant portion of her email was centred around queries from her husband on what my services entail and what the role of a doula is.

It is very common for dads to be to query the role and purpose of a doula – as they should query anyone who is going to be in their partner’s birthing space.  It is just as important for fathers to be to feel comfortable with their doula as it is for the birthing mother.  You can read more about the role of a doula in our post Dads and Doulas – Birth Companions or Competition?

As it is World Doula Week, I’d like to share with you a quote from Pete French.  Pete and his wife, Larissa, didn’t have a doula present at their first birth.  They had a doula present at their second birth and an independent midwife present at their third birth.  So Pete has experienced childbirth with and without sufficient support.

Pete:  The one thing I’d like to share with other prospective fathers going into childbirth, in my experience … is that it’s difficult for us men to ask for support, even to be clear that we might need some support or use some support.  So… have some courage to consider what support could be available to you, not just to your wife or your partner, but to you as the dad, the prospective dad coming into this.  It’s a big thing…  I felt incredibly honoured to be present during the birth of my three children and, although I was physically there for my first daughter, it took the support of others who had experience in childbirth, through either doulas or midwives… [to be] able to really be emotionally present and psychologically present, rather than just a lump of meat standing there, [or] sitting in shock..  That was a big thing for me and that’s what I would like to share with any of you … and encourage you to consider it.

It would be great to hear from any other dads who have experienced the support of a doula.


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Childbirth as an Initiation

By now you have probably heard about the mass media coverage around Joseph Kony.  While I was watching Kony 2012 the other night, the producer, Jason Russell, stated that it was the birth of his son that urged him on to make changes so the world is a better place for his son to live in.

Likewise Pete French, father of three, who features throughout the DadSkills online childbirth classes for the dad to be, felt his perspective on life changed for him.  Here he is talking about the initiation into fatherhood and the changes that occurred for him.  During filming, he went onto say that he experienced an actual physiological change during the birth of his first daughter.

We also asked our Facebook followers what was the most surprising thing that happened when they became a dad.  One of our dads said he was surprised how much more affected he was by bad news stories involving children.  This just speaks so much of how men see the world once they become a parent.

How do you imagine you might be changed as a result of your initiation into fatherhood?


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