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Sally McKay and Cath Cook

Sally McKay and Cath Cook are mothers to two primary-aged children each and married to a couple of awesome men.

It was through our own experiences of having the one-to-one care of a doula or independent midwife at our own births that started us on our journeys to provide one-on-one support to other couples, providing practical and emotional to support through pregnancy, birth and the early postnatal period.

We have been working as doulas supporting families since 2008 and 2006 respectively.

Through our work as doulas, we saw that men needed supporting during pregnancy and birth, as well as women.  We would see a difference in the relationship of couples where the men were confident in supporting their partners, they seemed “connected” and would work together as a team as their baby was born – and we could see the positive follow-on effects after the birth.

Working as doulas and childbirth educators, we are constantly amazed at the ability of men to support their partners well.  For some this comes naturally, for others they need to be given specific tools to help them on their way.  This is what has inspired us to develop DadSkills.  What we know is now is being supported by current research – that Dad’s role matters.


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