Dad to be Here are 5 Top Tips for Advocating at Birth

This is one topic that is definitely not brought up in traditional childbirth classes as the general consensus at birthing facilities is they believe they do a pretty good job. And they are right….. most of the time.

However there is no more important time than at birth that you may have to act as advocate for your partner. There will be times during the birth when she will not be able to speak for herself so she will need you to speak up for her. Remember you are about to become a dad and dads are great at protecting their partners and baby.

1. Keep smiling

Everything you say and do can be done with a smile. You will get much further if you are polite and considerate. It doesn’t mean you have to be a push over. You can still hold your ground. You are a health consumer and have the right to good health care. If you find yourself feeling a bit aggro you will need to change tact. DadSkills online childbirth classes for the dad to be shows you what you can do in this situation.

2. Have a birth plan ready

As doulas and childbirth educators we talk about a birth plan. This is not so your partner can tick off each one and say she had the perfect birth (she may well be disappointed). We think its a good idea to have a birth plan so that you can say you looked at all your options. You already know what your choices are, what the next best thing is and can make a decision easily without you partner being interrupted during birth.


Think Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Intuition, Nothing for EVERY intervention that is proposed. Then ask for some time to discuss in private. Sometimes this is the best way to diffuse a potential argument if you have 5 minutes to talk things over. You know it’s a true emergency when you have the entire staff in your room and everything is happening around you. I know one dad who had this written down on a card by his wife so he would remember.

4. Policies vs What’s best

Be aware that many of the birthing facilities policy and procedures are based on how to run that facility in the most cost effective and efficient way and may not necessarily be what is best for you, your partner and your baby. A great example is the immediate weighing and measuring of your baby. You can ask for this to be delayed until the initial bonding and breastfeeding has happened. Most of the time they just want to get the job over and done with because they have other women birthing.

5. Caregivers change

If you are not happy with the care giver you have its likely there will be a change of staff at some time. Again DadSkills online childbirth classes for the dad to be show you how you can deal with these situations.


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