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I am a first time father and I was definitely appreciative to utilise some of the information I learned from the DadSkills¬†childbirth classes during the birth of my daughter. My wife had an extremely quick delivery and I found I literally had to draw from instincts because there just wasn’t enough time for anything else. Luckily, I found doing the preparation helped me to make better choices during my wife’s labour.

Firstly, the intensity was full on. I found I was thankful to have the time I needed to get the car packed by myself so I could avoid showing my wife how bloody overwhelmed I was, especially because she was in so much pain and transitioning quickly. Taking the time out I needed, so I when I was with my wife I could be calm, focused and supportive made me strong for her so she could feel safe and calm during the process.

It also really gave me a sense of being the protective advocate when I needed to be. There were a few situations during the birth eg. ‘You’ll get a sore throat if you keep on moaning’, or possible choices that we’d have to make that went against the hospitals desires during post birth stitching when she really needed my support to speak up and stand firm so we could have the birthing experience we wanted. Confronting any nervousness we had about experiencing conflict before the birth took away a majority of the anxiety.

Lastly, it made me have thicker skin. When my wife swatted me away when I was giving her directions on how to push, I didn’t take it personally. We had discussed beforehand how she might feel more reassured by receiving guidance from the women at her birth because of their inherent knowledge and how this would make her feel safer and I was at peace with that. My wife guided me through what she needed, mainly strength and physical contact, to keep reassuring her that all that was happening was ok.

~ Dave Sandison father to Violet


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