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Whenever I think about parents with twins, triplets or quadruplets I am reminded of a mum whom I studied with and her experience of having quadruplets.

I discovered that she actually had 5 children, all born within 13 months. She fell pregnant very quickly after the birth of her first baby and was very distressed as she had very little support (her family living elsewhere in Australia) and her husband working long hours. These were the days before ultrasound was standard practice and so it was quite late in her pregnancy that she found out that she was carrying more than one baby.

She was sent up to the major hospital to be seen by the obstetrician as her GP was certain he could hear two heartbeats.  She was ushered into a room where a very well-spoken English doctor listened intently through a pinnard for what seemed like ages. He then stood up very straight and, in his very proper accent, exclaimed, “Well bugger me, there are four of them!” Needless to say there were many tears and cups of teas for the next few days whilst this life-changing news sunk in.

I was fascinated with how she had managed to cope with what seemed to me like an impossible mission. I still think that, especially as I now have a neighbour with triplets.

Both of these sets of parents were very open about how they found it. They can’t give enough praise for the Australian Multiple Births Organisation that has so many great resources and practical information for parents looking at having twins or HOMS (higher order multiples). There are publications available for purchase which cover all the questions you may have about preparing for the birth right up to preparing for school.

They also can’t say enough great things about the help they received from family and friends.

The mother of the quads flew her own mother over for three months to help with the first child and the feeding and changing of the babies. As the babies were tiny they needed to use cloth nappies so she used a nappy service to help with this. They recruited friends and neighbours to make dinners and had a spare freezer full of them so that they were set for 6 months without needing to cook. The father was able to take a month off work and fully support his wife in this new role.

They stressed how important it was to be prepared. They were immediately faced with needing to have more space, a new car and strain on finances. They said it was important to sort this out before the babies arrived. That way they could just fully emerse themselves in bonding and caring for these new little people.

Many ‘multiples’ are born by caesarean, but we have been hearing great things happening with twins and triplets being born vaginally with a huge support network of doulas and midwives and obstetricians. There have been many blogs about the journeys of these families. Cath is fortunate enough to have supported a couple who birthed one baby vaginally and the second baby by caesearean. A very dear friend of mine also did this. The excellent website Birthing Without Fear has videos and birth stories of multiple births.

During this month, many people celebrated Multiple Births Week (10 to 17 March) and DadSkills online childbirth classes for the Dad-to-be would like to pay homage to these very special families.


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    Laugh out loud at that photo. I’m in total awe of parents with multiple children, especially if they all arrive at once!

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