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Why Online Childbirth Classes are the best way for Dads to be.

We can help him be your best support - DadSkills Online Childbirth Classes for the Dad-to-beWith over 10 years experience in supporting mums and dads-to-be through pregnancy, birth and into parenthood, we have had seen our fair share of childbirth classes. Sometimes we have attended childbirth classes with the couple, or provided our own tailor-made antenatal classes. Many times it turns out the dad-to-be is reluctant to go the classes. The reasons are many and varied ranging from “I don’t want to meet a whole bunch of strangers and talk about birth” to “I hate hospitals” to “Can’t I just watch a video?” and finally, “I have been at work all day and I’m really tired.”

Let’s face it, these are all pretty good reasons. And they are usually from our most involved dads-to-be, the dads who are really looking forward to the birth. What we have found is that it’s just a bit different for blokes. Unlike women, they don’t really want to meet a whole bunch of others dads-to-be UNTIL they are a dad. Also we have found most fellas will run a mile rather than visit a hospital voluntarily. Not to mention that many traditional childbirth classes are wholly focussed on the mum-to-be, and how the facility runs. And sometimes this is information overload for dads.

So after hearing this feedback over and over again we came up with DadSkills. Online childbirth classes just for the dad-to-be. Now there are no excuses:

  • We have a series of short videos for him to watch.
  • He can organise the viewing around his busy schedule.
  • No more awkward moments with strangers.

This is how he’ll benefit from joining the many dads-to-be around the world who have got the information they need:

  • He can get ALL the information he needs in the comfort of his OWN home (or anywhere he has internet access). This way he can take his time and let the information sink in, as well as schedule it around work and family life.
  • He can watch and rewatch the videos as many times as he likes.
  • He’ll go into the birth knowing he has ALL the tools he needs to support HIMSELF and YOU.
  • No need to feel silly asking questions because we have answered them ALL in our FAQ videos.
  • He’ll feel confident taking your new baby home because he has followed our hot tips.

and finally

  • he’ll feel connected to YOU!

So there are NO MORE excuses. What are you waiting for? Go to and click on the get started button now!


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